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How to use the query data in Google Search Console to drive traffic?

In our previous article, we talked about the use of Performance Section in Google Search Console to understand what queries searchers use to reach different pages of your site.

In this article, we are going to dive deeper and see how we can use the query data.

Improve CTR of your pages

We can use the query data to improve the CTR of different pages of our website.

Look at those queries with high impressions and low clicks.

Google Search Console-Query Data-Aloha

These are the missed opportunities as our pages show on the search result pages but they generate few clicks.

We can search the queries in Google and investigate why the pages are not getting clicks.
Are the title tags and meta descriptions not good enough?
Improving title tags and meta descriptions can improve CTR which indirectly helps in ranking and boosts SEO performance.

Investigate why web page performance improves or worsens
Sometimes some pages suddenly gain / lose lots of traffic.
Is it just seasonal or there are other opportunities / issues to be addressed?
There is a useful function in Performance section that allows you to compare data in different periods.


Google Search Console-Compare metrics in different periods-Aloha

Simply click on Date Range >  Compare and then choose the date range, you can compare the performance of queries and pages in different periods.

Google Search Console-Compare date ranges-Aloha

We can also use this function to measure the results of various taken actions.

For example, after changing the title and meta description, does the web page get more clicks?


Generate new content ideas

If you want to find new content ideas, look at the query data in recent months.

Find those queries with average position from 11-50.

We can create new content with queries that are relevant to our website but have not been covered adequately by the existing content.



There are also lots of other ways to use the Performance section and the query data.

Experiment with filtering in different dimensions as much as you can, you will be amazed by how flexible and helpful the tool is in helping drive traffic to your website.