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Google Launches New Creative Features on Responsive Display Ads

As a response to the recent stay at home period, in July 2020, Google has announced new features on responsive display ads. The new features improve the look and feel of responsive display ads with new creative layouts, automatically generated video, and more engaging ads to drive online sales.


Automating image enhancements with attractive designs

Google now offers 3 new responsive display ad layouts that use automated image enhancements including smart image cropping and text overlays. The features help you showcase your brand’s products and impress customers with more impactful and engaging visuals. 

In deriving the new design templates, Google test over 150 new responsive ads layouts every year, takes into account the right balance between performance and aesthetics. Below is an example showing the new layout design templates.

Responsive display ads
3 new design templates of responsive display ads


Automating videos creation based on existing texts and images

Google’s previous researches show that over 60% of shoppers say online videos have given them ideas or inspiration for their purchase, and that adding video to your responsive display ads can help generate in 5% more conversions at a similar CPA.

As a great help for digital marketers who have limited resources, this new feature by Google helps generate more with less. Now, Google can automatically create video ads for you by using your existing image and text assets.

Responsive display ads are powerful elements in our push channel campaigns that we run for our clients. Our team has tried out this exciting new features earlier, and here’re what we’ve learnt.

  • This new design templates and auto-generated video are available in the checkboxes under “Additional format options”, and they are selected by default. According to Google, the new features are proven to improve ads engagement. So do have a try and see the results. But if you are not fond of these features, you can still opt out manually.
  • Advertisers cannot customize and choose their preferred designs. In the existing version, opting in for this feature means opting in for all 3 design templates. This could be a limitation to some advertisers who have strict brand style guides.


Updating the look and feel for dynamic display ads

On the other hand, to help deliver clearer and more engaging messages about a brand’s offerings, Google also updated the look and feel for dynamic display ads, displaying the advertisers’ company names next to their logo, and the optional promotion text becoming more visible. The following is an example of the new format.

Responsive Display Ads


As a Premier Partner of Google, we look forward to driving more outstanding results for our clients leveraging the new features.

Meanwhile, if you encounter any questions regarding responsive display ads, or other digital marketing issues, please do feel free to talk to us!

Source: Google